What is an ESPS

An Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy provides clients with transparency and management expertise. At Wealth Growth Investment Management we follow our investment philosophy and process in order to decide in which equities/bond/cash the segregated portfolio strategies should be invested in.

Each one of these are portfolios that are invested in equities/bond/cash on the relevant International Exchanges.

So how does it work? It’s quite simple: a client would choose the Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy which suits them after which they would open a brokerage account in an authorised brokerage company, with our assistance, and we will manage their funds in the same equities/bonds/cash and very close to the same percentage holdings in which their chosen Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy is invested in.

The advantage for our clients is that they can log in any time and see in which equities/bond/cash their funds are invested in, as they own the underlying equities/bonds/cash. As we deal with reputable stock brokerage companies, these companies are members of the Exchange that they represent, which means that client’s funds sit in their own trust accounts on the relevant Exchanges.