Institutional-United States Equity-Large Equity 100 Segregated Portfolio Strategy


Fee Calculation:

1.25% (ex V.A.T.) p.a. calculated on a monthly basis. No performance fees. (Management and outperformance fees fees are negotiable.)


FTSE/Russell 1000®

Inception Date:

01 October 2016

Portfolio Description and Investor Suitability:

The portfolio follows a risk-averse investment philosophy of purchasing companies trading at the largest discount to their  intrinsic value. The portfolio is designed to beat the benchmark returns over a 10-15 year cyclical basis. The portfolio ranges between 25 and 100 equity holdings. This portfolio is suitable for institutional investors who would like to have their funds permanently invested in equities throughout the full business cycle. If the institutional investor would like their wealth protected before recession, this will have to be discussed with the investment manager.

Institutional-United States Equity Large Equity 100 Segregated Portfolio Strategy Fact Sheet