South African General Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy


Fee Calculation:

1.25% +20% outperformance, over a two year period (ex V.A.T.) p.a. calculated on a monthly basis.


FTSE/JSE All Share Index (JSE:J203)

Inception Date:

01 October 2011

Legal Structure:

Segregated Accounts

Portfolio Manager:

Byron Hall

Portfolio Description and Investor Suitability:

The portfolio follows a risk-averse investment philosophy of purchasing companies trading at the largest discount to future intrinsic value. This portfolio is suitable for investors who would like to spread their portfolio equity holdings, including sectors and/or industries, who are in pursuit of medium long-term returns, are in their wealth building phase, can withstand possible short term turbulence, require little to no income in the short-term from their investment. The portfolio is designed to create wealth over the long term, with medium long term gains through a medium concentration of medium to high discounted companies to future intrinsic value. The portfolio ranges between 15 and 50 equity holdings. The portfolio will only be invested in cash and equities, no derivative instruments will be used. At times, the portfolio may hold only local and/or foreign cash, or cash instruments for downside protection.

South African General Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy Fact Sheet