United States Dow Jones Industrial Average Low Volatility Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy


Fee Calculation:

1.25% (ex V.A.T.) p.a. calculated on a monthly basis. No performance fees.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

Inception Date:

01 October 2016

Legal Structure:

Segregated Accounts

Portfolio Manager:

Byron Hall

Portfolio Description and Investor Suitability:

The portfolio follows a risk-averse investment philosophy of purchasing companies trading at the largest discount to their intrinsic value. The portfolio is designed to match or beat the benchmark returns, through a full business cycle, but to achieve it at a lower volatility. The portfolio ranges between 10 and 30 equity holdings. This portfolio is suitable for investors who would like to diversify their portfolio, are in pursuit of medium long-term returns, and can withstand possible short term turbulence and require little to no income in the short-term from their investment. In order to protect wealth before recession, the portfolio may be in 100% cash.

Dow Jones Industrial Low Volatility Equity Segregated Portfolio Strategy Fact Sheet