Institutional-South African Balanced Conservative Segregated Regulation 28 Portfolio Strategy


Fee Calculation:

Gross of fees. Management and outperformance fees are negotiable.


30% J.S.E. CAPI TRI & 70% SARB Repo

Inception Date:

01 July 2018

Legal Structure:


Portfolio Manager:

Byron Hall

Portfolio Description and Investor Suitability:

The portfolio will be protected before recession to reduce downside volatility. The portfolio follows a risk-averse investment philosophy of purchasing companies trading at the largest discount to future intrinsic value. This portfolio is suitable for investors who would like a low equity holding, typically not more than 40%, throughout the business cycle. The aim of the portfolio is to return higher than the benchmark yearly. The portfolio will use various asset classes to reduce downside volatility and increase growth at varying stages of the business cycle. The portfolio will use the asset classes and limits governed by Regulation 28 legislation.

Institutional-South African Balanced Conservative Segregated Portfolio Strategy Fact Sheet